Mile High Overstock | Brand Partnerships
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Brand Representation


Mile High Overstock partners with brand owners to build their brands on eCommerce platforms. The cornerstone principles we provide are:

*Brand Awareness or Reach – providing a platform to reach more consumers and increase profitability

*Brand Protection – prevent unauthorized or inauthentic sellers from selling products

*Brand Perception– positively improve/sustain brand image

*Brand Representation– expose new products or new brand features to consumers

*Customer Experience– offering positive customer experiences and always strive to improve customer satisfaction

Mile High Overstock offers professional photography to brand partners, which adds value to products and leads to increased sales and conversion.

Brand Partnerships


Mile High Overstock offers additional value from other third-party sellers. Our goal is to create a lasting mutually beneficial relationship with brand owners. eCommerce platforms are advantageous to use as a selling structure; however, the rules and regulations can be daunting. MHO acts on behalf of brand owners and in this way, minimizes the nuances and stress that comes with being an online seller. Unlike some other online sellers, we do more than sell products; we represent brands in a way that reflects the same passion and fortitude of our own company. Below are value-added features to improve products selling on an eCommerce platform:

*Listing Upgrades and Optimization

*Keyword and Search Engine Optimization

*MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Enforcement

*PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising

*Professional Commercial Product Photography

*Selling Data Analysis

*Product Review Inquiries

*Brand Registry Assistance

*Customer Interaction and Follow Up

*Jargon Expertise in regard to eCommerce

*Unlimited Communication between MHO and Brand Owner