Mile High Overstock | About
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Lori Rayl

We all persist in finding ways to tackle challenges and grow as a business while helping others. Our GRIT is what makes us unique.

Abby Miller

My favorite business mantra: “opportunities are usually disguised as hard work so most people don’t recognize them.”

Parker Rayl

We all wear many hats in our Mile High Overstock business. I focus on developing relationships with local manufacturers and creators.


My favorite thing to do is to greet customers at the door and be with my people in the store each and every day.

About the Mile High Team

Mile High Overstock is a family-owned business, with a brick and mortar location in Parker, Colorado. The three owners have varying backgrounds in business and decided that working together was the best way to converge their talents and aspirations to offer discount pricing on everyday items. So the story started with a vision and a mission to help others and with a lot of hard work and energy, Mile High Overstock came to life. Mile High Overstock is fueled by Integrity, Honesty and Family Values.


Lori Rayl worked in human resources and financial planning, and managed several businesses prior to Mile High Overstock. She also has 17 years experience teaching business education at the high school level. Her father was a great role model, teaching perseverance and hard work. She takes pride in the integrity and honesty displayed at Mile High, and appreciates the many people and businesses that partner with Mile High. Lori always says how lucky they are to have excellent employees who are true team players. She loves going to work every day and attributes that to the luxury of working with her two children, a dream come true.


Parker Rayl  graduated Cum Laude from Kansas State University with a degree in Microbiology and attended Medical School at the University of Kansas. Deciding that medicine wasn’t his true calling, Parker joined as a partner of Mile High Overstock. He heads up the online storefronts through eBay and Amazon, and works to partner with small manufacturers to get their products online exposure. He is also deeply involved in managing inventory at the brick and mortar location.


Abby Miller  is an expert in logistics and has a background in transportation and operations, and leads the planning and development of systems and processes. Abby is the one seeking out brand new overstock items from large retailers to offer a great selection and incredible value to Mile High Overstock customers. She looks for everyday household items as well as novelty items such as purses and jewelry, and home decor items like furniture and accessories for the home, clothing and toys. She is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and spent 8 years of active duty in the United States Army, as commander in the 82nd Airborne Division.